Dirt Church ATV Online Registration Form

Our Purpose:
• To encourage and promote ATV/UTV recreation as a family activity.
• To encourage and promote safe and responsible use of ATV's/UTV's.
• To foster environmental stewardship and encourage ecologically responsible recreation.
• To inform and educate members about issues pertaining to state, federal and private land-use laws and regulations
concerning the ownership and use of ATV's/UTV's and any changes thereof.
• To cooperate with public land-use regulatory agencies in order to maintain and expand public recreational facilities
and to organize volunteers who will assist in these land-management projects.
• To encourage good sportsmanship throughout the sport of ATV/UTV competition.
• To promote improved ATV/UTV access for elderly and disabled individuals.

If you believe in Dirt Church ATV and their purpose and wish to become an immediate member, please fill out this form.

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View the Dirt Church ATV Privacy Policy if you have any questions about how we will use this information.

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Please Note: The act of registering in our database alone does NOT constitute Dirt Church ATV Membership.
The information you have provided enables us to contact you if needed, and provide information if required of us by a legal authority. In order to become a Dirt Church ATV Member, you need to fill out this form AND submit payment.

Dirt Church Equal Access Statement and Disclaimer

Dirt Church ATV recognizes and embraces the concept that we are all created equal, and does not engage in discrimination based on age, sex, color, religious preference, sexual preference, or any other forms of illegal discrimination. However, we reserve the right to cancel membership and refuse access to our events to anyone who creates a safety hazard to themselves or others, violates the rights of other members, or in our judgment creates a disruptive or unpleasant environment.

Dirt Church ATV Privacy Statement

Your privacy is of great concern to Dirt Church ATV. The information we collect on this site is only used for its stated purpose. We do not sell or share any of the information we collect with any third parties. The information we collect is used in the following ways:

1. To create your membership in our database.
2. To identify you when you come to collect your membership materials.
3. To contact you or your designated emergency contact person.
4. To analyze demographical information and adjust our focus and policies accordingly.
5. To provide legal authorities with information if required.
6. To ensure our compliance with laws applicable to the events we host.

This may not be a complete list of how we use your information. The point we want to get across is that we're not going to abuse the trust you place in us. We will use the information responsibly, in ways that would not be considered offensive by most people.

If you choose to be on a mailing list, either paper or e-mail, you may rest assured that we will not sell your information, nor will be send you unsolicited commercial material. By choosing to be on the mailing list, you are soliciting Dirt Church ATV-related material from us.

In the course of registration, you may be redirected to PayPal's website to complete your transaction. We suggest that you read PayPal's privacy statement carefully, as we do not represent them, nor do they represent us.

Child Privacy Policy
In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, Dirt Church ATV asks that when you fill out a child registration, you use the parent or guardian's contact information on the form. Contact information submitted in such a registration form will be considered to be contact information for the adult who will be supervising the child at club meetings and events, the adult who is registering along with the child, or the parent or guardian.